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Who are Cardano Amigos?

When you are from the Caribbean, or have family ties to the Caribbean, there are a few key characteristics that sum up who we are. Family and community oriented, sociable, warm, selfless, a carefree vibe, with a solid work ethic, we make friends wherever we go, the lifelong buds you meet along the way, all different with our own quirks and idiosyncracies but still connected. Cardano Amigos are those friends. They’re the ones you meet on your block, in school, through mutual friends, at work. You laugh with them, go on adventures together, like the same music, go out with, laugh at the same things together, and just have to look at each other and can somehow intuit each other’s thoughts without ever saying a word. They are all characters who bring out a different side of our personalities. Like Mango, Tabaco, Mosquita, Flamingo, and Cafe!


Cardano Cubano

30 year IT Veteran
Plutus Pioneer - 2nd Cohort

Cardano Cubana

Wordsmith. Town Crier.
Idea Factory.

Cardano Chamaco
Spiritual Guidance

Next Gen #Cardano evangalist.

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